Dedicated to mindful cooking and eating.
And of course, delicious, nutritious, energy filled food!

Delicious food is simple

The secret is to cook with love. In a way it’s a feeling thing, a present moment thing, an intuition of what needs to be added or modified that comes from within.

Create delicious wholesome healthy food!

Our goal is to provide a healthy and refreshing approach to your food habits. Teaching you to turn your fear of the spatula to a love for food for living!


Cooked with Love

Anyone can cook like this and get the results that I do. Meaning that anyone can cook like themselves, which in a way is like me, but their own unique version, and yes they will get delicious tasting food. Here is the latest of our delicious recipes.

We welcome user submitted recipes as well. If you would like to add your own recipe to our Cook With Love Cookbook use the button to the left!

Book A Course

Learning to cook food this was is easy. Just book a time and invite me into your kitchen, select a couple of dishes you would like to create from my menu list, and we will cook them. During my time with you I will share my techniques and inspiration on how I create delicious wholesome healthy food. It is a ‘hands on’ experience so you will be confident and capable to pursue this style of cooking.

At the end of the session we can sit down and share the meal, and enjoy our creations together and chat further about my food philosophy, life and health.

Cooking with love classes can be for 1 person or a group of family or friends. I suggest a maximum of 6 people due to the hands on work in your kitchen.

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